Refugee Prayer – Video

Many years ago my Grandfather was a refugee who fled from the war-torn area of Hungary/Czechoslovakia to the USA and his stories have had a profound effect on me and have given me  compassion for those who are fleeing today.  This video supports our prayer for answers for the millions of refugees seeking a place of refuge and somewhere to call home.

The Bible promises, “The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms:” Deuteronomy 33: 27 (to:)

Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed,
For I am thy God, I will still give thee aid;
I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand.
Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand.
(words of the Christian Science hymnal 123 based on Isaiah 41: 10 sung to the tune of the Latin Christmas Carol Adeste Fideles, O Come all ye Faithful)

The Lord’s Prayer is given to us from Christ Jesus in the New Testament of The Bible found in Matthew (Matt 6: 9-13) and it begins, “Our Father which art in heaven”. “Our Father” is everyone’s Father, and so no one is forsaken.

I was in deep prayer and wrote a poem I’d like to share with you.

A child.
A woman.
A man.
All mankind.
Spiritual ideas of You, God – Spirit, Mind.

Alert to Your calling
Expressions of Truth, Life, and Love
Know no limitation nor lack thereof.

Perfect. Sure. Right. Pure. *
Your governance of citizens of every nation
With Principle, demand demonstration.

Your kingdom is come
And Soul is supreme.
Holy. Harmonious. Immortal. **
This is man’s true being.
(*Psalms 19: 7, 8), (**Eddy, Science and Health 492: 7)

Our Father-Mother, Love, is with each of us, and Eddy writes, “Our heavenly Father never destined mortals who seek for a better country to wander on the shores of time disappointed travelers, tossed to and fro by adverse circumstances, inevitably subject to sin, disease, and death. Divine Love waits and pleads to save mankind — and awaits with warrant and welcome, grace and glory, the earth-weary and heavy-laden who find and point the path to heaven.” (Message 02, 11: 2)

Dear Father-Mother, God, our Soul.
Your kingdom of heaven is here that I know.
I am not afraid – I’m Your child and I go where You go. Amen.
Let’s remember, Love heals us.


  1. Thank you, Marsha, for your inspiration.

    Love, Keitha

    • Marsha Pecaut says

      Thank you for writing, Keitha. 🙂
      Aren’t we grateful that Divine Love inspires us all, including every single refugee right now at this moment? I have mentioned Mrs. Eddy’s words before on this website, but it seems appropriate here again, “Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way.”
      Science and Health 454: 18-19

  2. jack & joan says

    thanks, Marsha… always a welcome note!

    • Marsha Pecaut says

      So happy you appreciate being a subscriber, Jack.
      I appreciate you and all your fellow subscribers helping me spread the good word that Love heals us…every one of us.
      Thank you for writing.

  3. Thank you Marsha for these precious and powerful prayers for refugees. I too had a grandparent whose family left their homeland for a new life in the United States. It was heartening also to read a recent CS Monitor article about the Greeks feeling they are regaining their self worth through assisting the waves of refugees that come to and through their land. How wonderful that, no matter what our social status is, divine Love takes care of us all!

    • Marsha Pecaut says

      I’m so appreciative of you taking the time to share a little of your background and thoughts of the news.
      I hope your comment spurs on others to share their experiences, also.
      When we pray earnestly, Divine Love shows us the way.

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