Teaching the Lord’s Prayer with it’s Spiritual Interpretation – Video

This video is a teaching tool that utilizes a puzzle in a fun way to teach children The Lord’s Prayer enhancing their natural ability to pray. If we desire health and happiness then let us pray. “Desire is prayer;” in fact, “Consistent prayer is the desire to do right.” (Eddy, Science and Health with Key […]

The Ten Commandment Boat.

I have a fun video for you today. Get your kids together and join our Sunday school class to learn The Ten Commandments with us. You can find them in the Bible, from Moses, in Exodus 20: 3-17. Come along and take a ride on the Ten Commandment Boat. Sometimes pirates think bad thoughts to […]

To defeat and prevent bullying

To read my latest article go to this week’s May 22, 2017 Sentinel “To defeat and prevent bullying” In this week’s Christian Science Bible lesson the story of Nehemiah teaches us the effectiveness of being alert and courageous to face down the suggestions of evil with the understanding of the power and presence of the […]

To follow Jesus RAP – Video

Rap N roll some slammin’ words. (Move over Grandpa! Marsha Pecaut’s n Da hood!) My new video blog post is on www.Loveheals.us Who says we can’t be healed or heal others? Let’s follow the Word of JC, the Master.   To follow Jesus, the Way-shower Is not a matter of when… but how “Continue in […]

The Beatitudes – Video

Here’s a light-hearted video blog post to assist in learning the Beatitudes – important blessings from Christ Jesus. The children in my Kindergarten Sunday school class had fun learning the Beatitudes with songs and you can, too. This video can be used by kids, parents, grandparents and Sunday school teachers alike. Enjoy and have fun! […]

Don’t let anyone get your goat – Video

If we let someone or something annoy, irritate or anger us, we must realize our goat is our most valuable possession…It’s important to keep a steady thought and to not react in anger to outside variables. Reaction is critically different than responding. So where does the power and presence of Divine Love fit in here?  […]

To become as a little child – video

“Willingness to become as a little child and to leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of the advanced idea.” This sentence comes from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy 323: 32   Time spent with children is time well spent for we learn from them. I like […]