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Come study the platform with me from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in the chapter called Science of Being, page 330. We’ll take one part of the platform each day for the next 32 days. We’ll read the words Mrs. Eddy has given us. Then, I’ll share with you some ideas that have come to me and then you get to share your ideas in the blog online in the comment area below.
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X. (Divine Trinity/Holy Ghost or Comforter) Jesus demonstrated Christ; he proved that Christ is the divine idea of God — the Holy Ghost, or Comforter, revealing the divine Principle, Love, and leading into all truth  S&H 332: 19

Marsha: Our 2nd tenet corrects the counterfeit statement of the Nicene Creed and permits man to continue to heal and to be healed today, making demonstrations of Truth over error and evil a present possibility. Freedom from any suggestion of lack and limitation is already ours, which proves material sense testimony unreal. For the kingdom of heaven is not a place nor a period of time, but a power. This power is seen in the thousands of demonstrations of the Christ, Truth, over material sense testimony where people throughout history have demonstrated the Science of Christ in their personal experience.

 (Marsha:  The next six planks of the platform are all about Christ Jesus.  Come with me and we will study about our Wayshower high atop Mt. Soledad.)


  1. “Free from all sense of lack or limitation” I ❤️ love that idea ✨????

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