Love Heals US


Why believe?

Look at a sunset and you’ll know why.

The sun sets every night and rises in the morning. We can count on it and so we believe it because it is constant and true.  Do you ever worry that the sun isn’t going to come up tomorrow? I’m assuming not many of you do.  But even if you have, was your concern substantiated?
We base our decision-making, our communication, and our planning, knowing that a new day will begin after today ends.  We believe in the sunrise and so the start of a new day brings hope and inspiration.  Life is based on believing that good continues and Love alone is Life worth living.  It has been said that, “Hope is a word that lightens the heart and gives courage today to help face tomorrow”.
Hope comes from believing in such constancy.
And with the sunrise we look at the radiance of the sun reflected on the water, sky and land giving a new perspective of the vastness of the sun.  Much like the constancy of the sunrise and sunset is the constant light and vastness of Love which gives reason to believe infinite Divine Love constantly inspires, illumines and cares for us as we express and live this day.

I have reason to believe.

Love heals us.  Marsha


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