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Come study the platform with me from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in the chapter called Science of Being, page 330. We’ll take one part of the platform each day for the next 32 days. We’ll read the words Mrs. Eddy has given us. Then, I’ll share with you some ideas that have come to me and then you get to share your ideas in the blog online in the comment area below.
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VI. (The universal cause) God is individual, incorporeal. He is divine Principle, Love, the universal cause, the only creator, and there is no other self-existence. He is all-inclusive, and is reflected by all that is real and eternal and by nothing else. He fills all space, and it is impossible to conceive of such omnipresence and individuality except as infinite Spirit or Mind. Hence all is Spirit and spiritual. S&H 331: 18

Marsha: This platform reminds me that whatever is true for one, is true for all, for God is the universal cause and the only creator. 

And Mrs. Eddy’s Daily Prayer supports this…(it reads from the Manual, Discipline of Members, p41)

“Thy kingdom come;” let the reign of
divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in
me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy
Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and
govern them!

Marsha:  I just wanted to mention that the next four videos on the platform are all about the divine Trinity.  And the last three actually go and break it down to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  So it will be a good study. Thank you for the comments you have made thus far.   Your comments add depth to the study.


  1. This has inspired me to look up citations referring to the infinite individuality, and any references to God’s individuality. I’ve found lots of revealing texts, including this one: Misc. Wr. 258:21, “The name, I AM, indicated no personality that could be paralleled with it; but it did declare a mighty individuality, even the everlasting Father, as infinite consciousness, ever-presence, omnipotence; as all law, Life, Truth, and Love.”

  2. John C Dowell says

    Regarding the possibility that human consciousness has tended to describe God in its image, resulting in an anthropomorphic vision of our source, I wonder if the following modified version of this part of the platform would help deal with that view:

    VI. God is individual, incorporeal, divine Principle, Love, the universal cause, the only source and there is no other self-existence. God is all-inclusive and is reflected by all that is real and eternal and by nothing else. It is impossible to conceive of such omnipresence and individuality except as infinite Spirit or Mind. Hence all is Spirit and spiritual.

    Notes: The human pronoun “he” was removed. Other scientific principles, such as Mathematics, are not referred to by human pronouns. “Creator” was removed because that implies a start, and there is no start to the infinite. We exist because God exists. God just is; humans create. “Space” was removed because that (along with time) is also a human concept.

  3. John Gordon says

    Now that we’re nearly 20% through the platform, I’m trying to get a better understanding of the big picture, or how the platform is structured. In comparing I and VI, I see that both mention infinite individuality, though in slightly different contexts. The first paragraph focuses on knowledge of infinite individuality and the supremacy of God; the sixth paragraph focuses on God as Principle, Who is at once omnipresent and individual, therefore incorporeal.

  4. Thanks so much for this study on the platform. It is motivating me to slow down and ponder the inspired Word. Daily in my thought is the application of the Word to world events and politics, encouraging me to drop human opinions and affirm Love’s control. A quote from a recent Sentinel article states, “divine Mind alone is governing all and holding all in love.”

  5. “…the universal cause, the only creator, and there is no other self-existence.” This reminds me that we aren’t doing “this”/can’t do it alone. It’s not even possible for us to feel like we’re on our own since we just reflect what God, divine Love, good is doing. We can relax into the work that is being done. Like the words of a popular tune, “there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend…we can work it out”…(Beatles) because God is already working it out! (The rest of the lyrics are a different theme, but that line came in my head for this… 🙂

  6. All inclusive one is left out
    Thats the very part that of this plank that resonates today as the illusion of worldly dis -ease , theres nothing I personally have to fix or protect , this part is all Gods and its already all Good
    Like driving thru a mirage in a desert , staying on the road and on course – whatever seems to appear as angry of fearful human thought made manifest I can know no ones left out God Loves and includes all
    my job is to stay on course and bear witness
    So thankful to Marsha and Bill for examples of how these planks are so translatable to apply in everyday situations

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