Study the Platform XXVII of XXXII

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Come study the platform with me from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in the chapter called Science of Being, page 330. We’ll take one part of the platform each day for the next 32 days. We’ll read the words Mrs. Eddy has given us. Then, I’ll share with you some ideas that have come to me and then you get to share your ideas in the blog online in the comment area below.
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XXVII. (True idea of man) The true idea of man, as the reflection of the invisible God, is as incomprehensible to the limited senses as is man’s infinite Principle. The visible universe and material man are the poor counterfeits of the invisible universe and spiritual man. Eternal things (verities) are God’s thoughts as they exist in the
spiritual realm of the real. Temporal things are the thoughts of mortals and are the unreal, being the opposite of the real or the spiritual and eternal.  S&H 337: 20

 Marsha: The material senses are incapable of experiencing God’s spiritual creation, man.
The material universe and man may hint at the allness of God, Principle, but are basically a counterfeit. Just like a counterfeit dollar looks like a real dollar and it represents a real dollar, if it has been made by someone else, other than the government,  it is a counterfeit.  We must be able to know the difference, so we will know God’s true eternal idea of man, which he has created spiritual, not material.

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