God is Love fountain – Video

“God is Love”.
The water gently fell as I reflected on this idea.

These words are in the Bible in the book of I John.
They are also found in the book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, where in the chapter on Prayer it reads,

“God is Love.” More than this we cannot ask,
higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go.

A Spanish translation says it this way,

“Dios es Amor”.  Mas que esto no podemos pedir, mas arriba no podemos mirar, mas lejos no podemos ir. (Ciencia y Salud con la llave de las Escrituras de Mary Baker Eddy)

What a powerful statement of truth this is.
To pray and embrace all mankind within this idea is effective because it handles fear.
When Love reigns in our heart and in our consciousness,
healing results.

Love heals us.

Marsha Pecaut, CS



  1. You’’re truly a transparency for Love

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