joy joi/ noun noun: joy 1. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. “tears of joy“ synonyms: delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, rapture;More enjoyment, felicity, joie de vivre, jouissance; literaryjocundity “whoops of joy“ pleasure, source of pleasure, delight, treat, thrill “it was a […]


Full Definition of POWER 1 a (1) :  ability to act or produce an effect (2) :  ability to get extra-base hits (3) :  capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect b :  legal or official authority, capacity, or right 2 a :  possession of control, authority, or influence over others b :  […]