Each day, through the study and practice of Christian Science, I am becoming more aware of God’s love for me and for all His children.

From the December 1989 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Each day, through the study and practice of Christian Science, I am becoming more aware of God’s love for me and for all His children.

One morning in 1987, a door was accidently closed on our small daughter’s hand, crushing three of her fingers. I immediately took the child in my arms, and as I became calm, her screaming subsided. I prayed with confidence and gratitude, certain that our Father-Mother God would tell me what I needed to know to help this loved child.

As I sat in a rocking chair holding her, the sun suddenly broke from behind the clouds and shone brightly on the two of us. This reminded me of an article I had been reading in the Journal, in which the author likened each one’s relationship to God to a ray of light emanating from the sun. I could see that this child was of God; her source being all good, she could experience only good. My job was to hold to this truth. I thought of the Bible verse from Acts: “In him [God] we live, and move, and have our being.”

Immediate progress took place, and then she requested to play with her puzzles. Not only did she do all seven of her puzzles but she used both hands to manipulate the pieces. Within the hour she was completely healed.

A few years ago, while we were traveling in a large California city, my husband lost his wallet. As a student of Christian Science, I have been taught never simply to accept loss. I refused to become discouraged with the situation.

Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy states: “Spiritual man is the image or idea of God, an idea which cannot be lost nor separated from its divine Principle. When the evidence before the material senses yielded to spiritual sense, the apostle declared that nothing could alienate him from God, from the sweet sense and presence of Life and Truth.” While affirming what I knew to be true, I felt impelled to revisit the park where we had been earlier. At the park we searched everywhere and questioned many people but to no avail. As my husband was searching in the trash cans, I returned to our car a block away.

At that moment I turned toward the park and I saw a couple who had just found a wallet. It was my husband’s. We were so grateful.

After we had had two boys in our family, I thought it would be wonderful to have a third child, but a third child did not come. The more time went by, the sadder I felt. I was also experiencing discomfort with an unusual menstrual cycle. So I called a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful help. We worked with the concept that God’s creation is already complete, and with the truth that God is the only creator.

Two months prior to this my sister had given me a copy of a Christian Science lecture on the subject of Christian healing. I hadn’t read the lecture yet, but now I was thirsting for any spiritual truth to comfort and guide me. When I read the lecture, it was as if the lecturer were speaking directly to me. I learned the importance of striving to maintain a pure, Christlike consciousness. I was freed from concerns about enlarging our family, and from all discomfort.

Through this healing I was led to have Christian Science class instruction. How blessed I was. Also, within the year a most precious baby girl was born to us at home, with a certified midwife present. Taking class instruction while I was expecting the child was a memorable preparatory experience, one that enriched my understanding of God and man’s relationship to Him.

These healings are only a few of many I have experienced through prayer. I am so grateful to know God as Love. I am also grateful for parents who understood the importance of having all their children regularly attend a Christian Science Sunday School, and who taught us about the law of Love by living it in our home and among our friends.

Although I am not a member of the Christian Science Church, I have the utmost regard for its spiritual teachings. I can, without question, substantiate the healings cited by my wife. Over the past fifteen years we have been the recipients of many such healings—physical, personal, marital, financial, and career related.