Conquering The Lions Christmas Healing video

Christmas Ball

I wish you a Merry Christmas! There’s no better time than Christmas to see and feel and know “the Christ in you; the hope of glory”. Col 1: 27 And yet, as I have studied Christian Science, I’ve learned that this spiritual faith and understanding of the Christ can be recognized any time of the […]

Published article in the December 2016 Christian Science Journal – “Nothing can get your goat” by Marsha Pecaut, CS

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The Christian Science Journal just released my article that’s published in their December, 2016 issue called ‘Nothing can get your goat’  You may have seen this Video blog I did called Don’t let anyone get your goat earlier this year which was my inspiration for this article. Please make a comment below and let me […]

God is Love fountain – Video


“God is Love”. The water gently fell as I reflected on this idea. These words are in the Bible in the book of I John. They are also found in the book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, where in the chapter on Prayer it reads, “God is Love.” […]

To follow Jesus RAP – Video

Marsha hat

Rap N roll some slammin’ words. (Move over Grandpa! Marsha Pecaut’s n Da hood!) My new video blog post is on Who says we can’t be healed or heal others? Let’s follow the Word of JC, the Master.   To follow Jesus, the Way-shower Is not a matter of when… but how “Continue in […]

The Beatitudes – Video

The Beatitudes 5

Here’s a light-hearted video blog post to assist in learning the Beatitudes – important blessings from Christ Jesus. The children in my Kindergarten Sunday school class had fun learning the Beatitudes with songs and you can, too. This video can be used by kids, parents, grandparents and Sunday school teachers alike. Enjoy and have fun! […]

Gratitude – Video


What do you treasure? As I walked along the beach I saw where someone had written the word ‘BELIEVE’ in the sand.  That day, another treasure appeared after feeling grateful for the good in my life.  This video post is on the topic of gratitude, where we’re encouraged to see the good around us, and […]

Peace – video

peace river

Remembering today those men and women who have gone on before us to establish peace to protect future generations, let us work to establish peace in our hearts to help avoid more war.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we learn lessons from nature.  The rain and rivers, the lush, green forests and the fresh, crisp […]

Refugee Prayer – Video

Nagypapa and Nagymama

Many years ago my Grandfather was a refugee who fled from the war-torn area of Hungary/Czechoslovakia to the USA and his stories have had a profound effect on me and have given me  compassion for those who are fleeing today.  This video supports our prayer for answers for the millions of refugees seeking a place […]

The Gift – Video


This little book was given to me as a gift. It is called, “The Greatest Thing in the World”, by Henry Drummond. It might be little but it is mighty and found in I Corinthians 13, it is based on Paul’s words in The Bible where it is called, “Love is the Greatest” in the […]

The Bridge of Love – Video


There are many different types of bridges. One type found in Oregon is a covered bridge. Today there are about 50 covered bridges left of about 600 built in Oregon in the early 1900’s. Covering a bridge helps keep the wood bridge dry so it lasts longer and deters the rain and residual moisture from […]