Study the Platform XIX of XXXII

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Come study the platform with me from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in the chapter called Science of Being, page 330. We’ll take one part of the platform each week for the next 32 weeks. We’ll read the words Mrs. Eddy has given us. Then, I’ll share with you some ideas that have come to me and then you get to share your ideas in the blog online in the comment area below.
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XIX. (Soul and Spirit one) Soul and Spirit being one, God and Soul are one, and this one never included in a limited mind or a limited body. Spirit is eternal, divine. Nothing but Spirit, Soul, can evolve Life, for Spirit is more than all else. Because Soul is immortal, it does not exist in mortality. Soul must be incorporeal to be Spirit, for Spirit is not finite. Only by losing the false sense of Soul can we gain the eternal unfolding of Life as immortality brought to light.  S&H 335: 16

 Marsha: I enjoy discovering how Mrs. Eddy groups certain of the seven synonyms together which brings an expanded understanding and in this platform it is Soul and Spirit. Throughout her writings you can see how Principle and Love work together, or Spirit and Mind, etc.  World belief has put soul in body, but applying what I have learned in Christian Science, I always remember that Soul is another name for God and we can’t put God, who is Spirit, into a matter body.  In this platform, when we group Soul and Spirit as one it explains “Soul must be incorporeal to be Spirit, for Spirit is not finite.”  And what does the word incorporeal mean, but “not composed of matter; having no material existence”.

So, when you think Soul, think spiritual sense, which cancels out false material sense testimony.  It’s powerful!



  1. Deborah Stucker says:

    Thanks so much for this!

    I also love to think of Soul as being conscious of my spiritual identity

    D. Stucker

  2. Deborah Stucker says:

    Or actually it would be more correct for me to say
    Soul is consciousness of our spiritual identity

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