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Come study the platform with me from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in the chapter called Science of Being, page 330. We’ll take one part of the platform each week for the next 32 weeks. We’ll read the words Mrs. Eddy has given us. Then, I’ll share with you some ideas that have come to me and then you get to share your ideas in the blog online in the comment area below.
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III. (Evil obsolete) The notion that both evil and good are real is a delusion of material sense, which Science annihilates.  Evil is nothing, no thing, mind, nor power.  As manifested by mankind it stands for a lie, nothing claiming to be something, — for lust, dishonesty, selfishness, envy, hypocrisy, slander, hate, theft, adultery, murder, dementia, insanity, inanity, devil, hell, with all the etceteras that word includes. S&H 330: 25

 Marsha:  Because God is ALL good, in fact goodness itself, and is the only power, this handles the insidious belief that evil could be real. Evil is nothing.  It is a lie.  Whether you call it devil, demon, Satan, talking serpent, Lucifer, or Red Dragon, it is a lie.  That’s what Christ Jesus called it.  And we must let it end. I like to use the acronym, L. I. E., which stands for  “L. let, I. it, E. end”.


  1. Vicky M says:

    I love how Mrs.Eddy says, “God is filling all space, there’s no vaccums.” It really helps to know that good is surrounding us wherever we are.

  2. Marsha Pecaut says:

    Thank you, Maxine H., for making the following post…
    “Thank you for doing this. I especially love the desert stream environment, with water, big rocks, and palm trees, for your Platform III talk on evil. Evil has no real power. Yay!”

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